The Bloodthick Deliverance


A supernatural Chiller

In the overall scheme of life a natural death occurs graciously. While suicide might cheat the dignity of death, murder truly mistreats it—one can depend on that. And even a binding thickness of family blood cannot deny that mistreatment when impelled by a force of darkness…   ON AMAZON


One of the world’s most spectacular backdrops of natural beauty lies in Sedona, Arizona located about two hours north of Phoenix in the Coconino National forest. Spread out splendidly in the gateway of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona’s landscape is indeed breathtaking. Residents, as well as tourists, are mesmerized by the ever-bright sun-drenched valleys lush with desert xerophyte greenery, surrounded by massive red sandstone buttes and peppered with incredible tree-lined plateaus for as far as the eye roams.

Yet there is more than tranquility and spectacular scenery that parts Sedona off as a special location. It’s also known for its enigma of unexplained spiritual regions (vortex energy), which are believed to produce peace, well-being and happiness among the valley residents and the constant stream of meditating visitors to these psychic-energized areas—the good element. But when and where you find virtuous illumination and enlightenment it seems there is always malevolent behavior to frame the proverbial equality—the bad element.
The Bloodthick Deliverance is a supernatural tale that embraces those elements surrounding an early 19th-century legend of an abnormal family shrouded in their small area of Sedona’s mystical realm. A legend that had stood quietly on the valley’s horizon for decades…yet is about to be awakened……
So come and join Riley in this short mystical tale with the spiritual backdrop of Sedona Arizona, which includes many unexpected twists and turns with maybe even Satan himself along.